A message from papercicadas

You are like a doll! Maybe you can be snuck out of your current enclosement?

I would not do that, it is a bad idea. Strider has cameras everywhere, he would see me and catch me quickly. I cannot move as fast as he can, so there is no hope of running away.

I will be okay, though. I can go outside tomorrow.

A message from aceroliquidoisnothere

How are you today? <[ :) ]

I am good, though Strider said I could not go outside today because of the weather. It was too windy. I think he just forgot.

I hope you are good, too.

A message from starboardscorpius

Du er så liten, ønsker jeg å fortære deg. C8 !!!!!I! would kysse you however that is some////thing ! cannot do. 8C

Okay, taking jabs at my height is a little too far. I cannot help this and I did not choose it. Rude.

I am not cute, either, by any means.

A message from papercicadas

You are small? Howso? What sort of chassis do you have?

I am only 90cm tall, and I do not weigh very much at all. This body is only temporary, so some day I will be bigger, but that does not mean I have to like what I currently have. At least, I do not think so.

I do not like having to climb things in order to see eye to eye with people.


Markus Linnenbrink

A message from papercicadas

I am older than that! That is just how long I've been down here, planetside. I don't know how old I really am, my memory is missing parts. However I could consider these days on earth as my first real days, an arrival day of sorts!

…Fuck. I do not want to be the baby. I am already very small right now. Being young does not make it any better.

That makes sense, though. I do hope you regain the missing pieces, as long as they are good pieces. No one likes to remember bad things.

A message from papercicadas

Pictures don't compare at all!!! This is amazing I've seen so many neat things. I haven't been out long, my sensors have not adjusted to Earth's measurement of time yet because I have not applied the upgrades required. But the sun has risen four times since I got here.

That is exciting, then. I look forward to seeing everything in person. I am glad to hear that it does not compare, that is oddly reassuring. I am afraid you have only made me more excited, though.

Only four days? You are not that much older than I am. I hope we get to know each other better.  I have not spoken to many others, though, so I could be wrong, but everyone else I have met so far seems to be much older than that.


Sunlight through the branches


Sunlight through the branches